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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wish me luck!

So remember my last post, I said to come back soon, as a new cake would be posted......Well....soon means today.  I am SO nervous about finishing the cake tonight! O M G!!

I'm sure you're all dying to know what cake I'm making tonight.  You ARE??  You REALLY wanna know?!?!?

Ok, so here's what I'm gonna do.  I'm gonna TELL you what I'm making, AFTER I show you the "parts".

So here are the parts I need to build my cake

Does this give you a clue??  All 3 of those cakes will be used.  Plus another cylinder shaped one.

No? Still no clue what tonight's cake is?

Alright alright, I'll tell you.  I am going to transform these cakes, into... *drum roll*


I know eh?!?! So crazy!!!  I am SERIOUSLY nervous, but excited all at once!!  I can see it coming together!!  Hope it turns out as nice as I expect it to!!

Well, my faithful followers, come back tonight or tomorrow morning, to see what the final product looks like!  And as usual, feedback is always appreciated.  I am still very much learning, so give it to me!


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  1. HAHAHAHAHAH! I am walking down memory lane, seeing how far I've come with my cake "talent" and reading this post, looking at the picture, totally made me Laugh Out Loud lol In the picture, you can SEE the paper with DV on it! LOL!! Aren't I sneaky lol *insert sarcasm here*