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Sunday, April 1, 2012

And its about to leave!! I'm happy with the result!! :)

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  1. I saw the lady that bought this cake today, and she said the little boy was TOTALLY EXCITED!!! Everyone thought it was very well executed!!!
    WOW!! :)

    She did say that she would have preferred more cake. My base, I split in half and put icing in the middle. She specified that she's not a dessert person, so maybe it's just her, but she would have wanted more cake, less icing. Noted! :) Next time, I won't split my cake, I'll make 2 cakes so you get the thickness of cake, and a smaller layer of icing :)

    Hey, this is how you learn, right? :)
    I always accept positive criticism. This is how I'm gonna make it in this crazy business! :)