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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

*Happy sigh*

Well, today was seriously like Christmas!!

Today I got a facebook text asking if I could make a snake cake for end of April.  I came up with SO many ideas!!!  It's for a little girl, they're having Little Ray's Reptiles over to their house, so a cake snake is sooo fitting.  I was thinking of making a girly one...a little head with a tiny little pink bow :)  We'll see, i still got some time to do more research and pick what I'll make :)

Then I got to the mailbox...and WOOHOOO!!  SO many stuff that I ordered off Ebay came in!!!   A butterfly Cake Pan, my 6 mini 3-tier wedding cake pans, my Hello Kitty cake pan, my icing bag holder tray, MY BUSINESS CARDS (which were created in collaboration with Mags)!!!!  O M G!! THEYRE PERFECT!!!  Sooooo fun and purty and just....I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!  I'm going to hand them out SO much!!  Hopefully that picks up some business :) :) :)

I am seriously floating.  Seriously.  This is so cool :)   I know it won't always be like this...I'll have not so good times, but I need to keep my head on straight and realise that all the "bad times" are learning curves.   I'll just learn, pick myself up and dust myself off.   I'm not Buddy the Cake Boss.  I'm the single mother of 4 boys trying to make life a little easier.   I'm a single mother of 4 boys, living her dream.

How blessed am I?  Let me count the ways..... <3

Please come back soon, a cake post is around the corner!


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