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Monday, April 30, 2012

Toy Story 5?

I had to make a cake for yesterday morning for a boy turning 5!  I wanted to put his happy birthday in a cool way, so I copied the Toy Story (2, 3) style.

I had to make a Buzz Lightyear and a Woody.  Now Woody I'm happy with.  A few tweeks and he's perfect to me.  Buzz on the other hand.....a couple things I'd change.  I wouldn't make him so mad...(or does he look constipated? I can't decide)  I tried to put as much details as I could.  Notice the Andy under their shoe?

I AM super happy with how I iced my cake though.  I've never iced a full cake since Babydoll's Kitchen.  I always cover my cakes with Fondant.  I'm pretty proud of myself :)

Tada! Hope Vincent was happy :)


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