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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am getting orders left right and centre this month!! I LOVE it!!!!

On the board is : 1 cake for an 8 year old princess :), 1 classy modern cake for a 30 year old birthday girl, 1 leopard print birthday cake and a Police badge cake for a surprise party for an officer :)

I have a few more orders pending.  I am super excited.  With riding season almost over, I am throwing myself into my business FULL STEAM.  I've just purchased a banner, a lawn sign, more business cards, magnets for my van.....oh yes...this is me chasing my dream!  This is me making things happen.  This is me building a dream so I can pass it on to my sons someday.  I can see it now...BabydollsKitchen and Sons.

Makes me emotional :)  Baby steps.  One foot in front of the other.  BELIEVE!

This is all still surreal!!  I've had people, strangers, comment on my cakes, expressing how much they think I am talented.  ME!!

I love it.  This is my calling and it feels SO amazing :)

Alright, must concentrate.  Must keep searching for tricks to build a successful business plan.

God Bless!!!


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