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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello Kitty?

Oh boy, well, this cake was done in about ...oh I'd say 20 mins! lol  I was bored this morning, the kids were watching Saturday morning Cartoons....thinking of how my  mother has been bugging me for months to do a Hello Kitty I whipped it up in record time. Also, I had to make it for the Poll I had up :)  Hello Kitty won!  (still shocked! lol)

Of course, this is just a "play" cake that will be offered to my mom (meaning I'm not selling it to anyone).  I made it keylime as she LOVES that. 

So it's nothing special, and my sister helped out last night by making cutouts lol   She was bored lol

Well, here it is!
(Try not to laugh lol)

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