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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wedding Shower Cake

Last week, I got a last minute request, for  a wedding shower cake.  I said no at first, as I didn't think I could pull it together, but the client was insistent, and this was my shot at attempting something "wedding", I caved and said ok.   I learned a lot making this cake.  I learned that I NEED to make my characters in advance.  WAY in advance.  My bride had a lot of setting to do.  Make her goggles, let them dry.  Make her bouquet, parts at a time, let it dry.  Resume the next day.  It was time that I didn't calculate, so yes, come Thursday morning, I was NERVOUS.   Friday, May 11th, was my birthday, and I requested the day off.  Granted.  So I woke up bright and early, and finished the cake. 

I'd like to mention something about my client.  Sue touched my heart.  Not too many people left out there like her.  1st, when I walked out, I went over and shook her hand, but she felt like hugging me, so I hugged her!!  Then, not only was she super happy with the cake, she remembered it was my birthday (it was metionned in our conversations)  She gave me a birthday card.  I was blown away.  Really?  A birthday card for and from a complete stranger???  She paid me, gave me the birthday card, and off I was.  When I got to a red light, curiosity was totally getting to me, so I opened the card.  Beautiful, appreciated words...and a gift card!! WHAT?!?!?  On top of paying for the cake, she gave me a gift card?!?!  Where was this lady from?!?!?  Then, I noticed more writting on the left side of the card "Ps: a little something for the boys = night off"  It was a gift card for McDonalds.  Are you kidding me?!?!  This lady gave me a night off cooking, and a treat that my boys go nuts for (we rarely eat mcdonalds...I make meals in my house! lol)
God bless this woman's heart.   We have since emailed/txt'd each other (and it's only been 1 day!) I feel like we know each other now :)

So, I present to you, Jehn and Mike's cake :)  The note I received this morning, follows.

Text from Sue : Hi Chantal. Your cake was a HUGE hit - they were thrilled with it. And it tasted awesome. Thanks so much for taking this on and doing such and amazing job. It hit just the right note. I will be sorting out dates and following up with another order this week. Cheers and hope your birthday was great.
Best, Sue

I love what I do.  I love creating things, challenging myself.  I love how people are so appreciative of what I do.  I'm still working on my insecurities.  I still beat myself up with EVERY cake.   It'll take some time. 

I hope you all have an amazingly beautiful weekend.
God Bless.


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