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Monday, March 19, 2012


Well hello there!!!

Welcome to my Kitchen blog.  I will write about baking, cooking and creating.  I'm a self taught hobby baker/cooker.  I've discovered that I can pretty much make anything if I give it a try.  As for the name Babydoll....that's just my pet name.  And since I spend all my free time in the kitchen (and will now be blogging about it) I figured, why not Babydoll's Kitchen!

I recently applied for Recipe to Riches and received a gold ticket.  I received a call telling saying that unfortunetaly, I wasn't making it to the next step (which was filming the show).  Yes, I was totally bummed adn still heart broken, but the fact that Laura Calder, Tony Chapman and Dana McCauley LOVED my Sugar Cream Bliss, is a huge accomplishment and made me want to dig deeper.  I decided to throw myself into the unknown, and see what I was capable of doing.

Stay tuned, you're about to salivate! (At least I hope you do!)


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